Frequently Asked Questions

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Does counselling work?

There has long been “a great deal of discussion and debate about the effectiveness of counseling and psychotherapy. The vast majority of the research when examined as a whole seems to indicate very positive outcomes for counseling. Self-reported outcomes, follow-up studies, and efficacy studies all show a generalized trend that indicates a significant success rate for counseling and psychotherapy.”
Source: Research article, “Counselling Effectiveness” by Shannon Sumrall, M.A., M.Ed., LPC, NCC

Is counselling for me?

Life may not always be easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard! People seek counseling for a variety of issues. Regardless of the symptom, the underlying reason is often the same; they simply want to feel better, to have more peace, joy, and happiness in their life. If you are feeling dissatisfied with life, stressed to the max, overwhelmed, going through a significant life transition, experiencing anger, anxiety or sadness more often than you’d like, or are feeling stuck in a rut professionally or personally, counseling may be for you. Counselling provides an opportunity to explore avenues not previously considered. You can collaborate with an objective supporter, and in doing so, gain a fresh perspective and gain momentum toward achieving goals YOU choose.

What are TouchStone's areas of specialty?

I work with clients of all ages who present with a variety of concerns, but have considerable experience working with adolescents age 14 – 25;  ADD/ADHD – a holistic process of assessment; trauma and providing supporting for those coping with life transitions.

Learn more about what I can offer on our services page, or contact me for more information.

How Much does it cost?

Fees are $200.00 per session. Sessions last approximately 55 minutes. The cost of psychological services may be covered by your employee health care benefits plan. Please check with your individual health insurance provider. If you do not have benefits, please feel free to discuss options with me.

Why TouchStone?

I provide a safe, confidential place for you to explore your self, your choices, your life. I will not guide, but I will meet you where you are, support and collaborate with you toward making the changes you wish to see.

Who does TouchStone provide services to?

I work with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. Contact me to learn more about how TouchStone can help.






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