Trauma Treatment Technique

Trauma Treatment Technique™

Let’s face it. Life has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, for some of us, those ‘downs’ may mean chronic stress from lingering experiences or traumas that interfere with our sense of peace and happiness. The impact is evident. It may be temporary, occasional, or consistent, subtle, or extreme. Perhaps you avoid driving at night or experience occasional bouts or long-term sadness. Distress like this consumes our energy. Energy that could be far better spent on things that bring joy!

Finding Joy – Trauma Treatment Technique (FJ-TTT ™) is an innovative, cost-effective, therapeutic technique designed for individual administration by certified therapists. It is a guided meditation with an interactive component that uses the wisdom of the client’s experience to facilitate deep and lasting healing. It is designed to connect with each client’s wholeness – the part of them that is perfect.

The goal of FJ-TTT ™ is to help each person feel calm and peaceful, by addressing unresolved feelings from past events, present concerns, or even future worries. Applied evaluative research on more than 100 clients from ages eight to 78 years old has shown this approach to be effective in resolving many types of conditions. This includes relief from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, bullying, hurt, grief, and even long-held grudges! Typically, relief comes within a few sessions and tends to be lasting. FJ-TTT ™ empowers the individual to regain, enhance, and maintain their sense of well-being, joy, and peace.

Advantages of FJ-TTT


One client compared it to a ‘laser beam’ in terms of how quickly her longstanding trauma was resolved.


After completing a few sessions, clients will be familiar with the protocol, and can practice it on themselves. No need for lengthy treatment.

Calm & Peaceful

This is not traditional ’talk therapy’. Clients do not need to revisit experiences in detail; therefore, the risk of ‘re-traumatizing’ is reduced.


It can be delivered to clients in person or virtually.


Clients will have an effective tool with which to manage their life stresses whenever the need arises.


Simple & Easy

Nothing is required of clients other than to be present and relaxed.

FJ-TTT™ Training


Empowerment Plus

The FJ-TTT ™ is used as part of Step #5 Other Factors in Empowerment Plus: An Integrated Approach to Wellness.







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