Relationship Counselling

“Happiness is difficult to find within ourselves, but impossible to find elsewhere.”

– Unknown

Relationship Counselling

Feeling connected to our selves and to others is integral to being human. Relationships with partners, family, friends, co-workers, and even Spirit, provide a source of love, affection, and belonging. 

Paradoxically, these same relationships can also evoke frustration, anger, and sadness. These unpleasant emotions create emotional discord and conflict which negatively influence one’s physical and emotional well-being as well as the quality of one’s relationships.

Learning to be more conscious in your relationships will allow you to appreciate, honor, and develop compassion for the differences in others. In doing so, your ability to embrace rather than resist these differences will allow your relationships to flourish.

Finding time and energy to focus on the relationship is a challenge for couples today. Regardless of the reason for seeking counselling; a simple ‘tweak’ to get back on track, a gradual disconnect, betrayal, or inability to resolve recurring issues, there is potential for healing, rebuilding, and happiness.

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